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The web can seem like a dark place at times, with web hackers, malware and trojans out to steal your personal information. Thats why at Sgtravel we make sure that when you book with us your personal information and credit card details are safe.


How we do this?

Once you have found the perfect deal on a hotel and are ready to book your booking details you will be directed to an 256 bit SSL certificated page that encrypts the data your computer sends to our system. This means that if a web hacker was trying to intercept your personal information all they would see is an encrypted code that could only be understood by our system.You’re web browser will show you that you are sending your details over an encrypted connection as at the top of your browser a small padlock icon will appear and the web address will start with https:// like the picture below



SSL encryption provided by a world leader in online security

The encryption method used to keep you safe when booking a hotel online with sgtravel is provided by one of the world leaders in online security,

Geotrust was established in 2001 and has since been acquired by the well known company Symantec who provide online security protection to millions of individuals and companies all over the world.