Davao Philippines – Beauty and Culture

Introduction to Davao Philippines

Davao Philippines is known as the window to the island of Mindanao. With its unique culture and beautiful landmarks this place arouses in you a lot of interest and curiosity as well. This mountainous region has a lot to offer for an avid traveller. The rolling hills. the fertile valleys. the endangered Philippine Eagle among the Mount Apo. (which is also the highest mountain in Philippines).The alluring orchid known by the name waling-waling and the people with various cultures and ethnicities.

Culture of Davao Philippines

davao Philippines Durian statue

From the ancient times, Davao has been inhabited by the indigenous tribes such as Mansakas. Manobos. Mandayas. Bagobos. Tibolis and many others. It is these tribal people who have given the name for this island as “Daba-Daba” and now we call it as Davao. The island has provided them all with its rich natural resources. This feature of the island has also invited many of the settlers from the neighbouring as well as the far-off lands. The settlers and the indigenous people, in spite of their differences in culture and tradition have lived here together in harmony and peace. This has made Davao a truly unique place. The modern day Filipino culture is very much influenced by the American culture.

Davao is a melting pot of various cultures. You will find that there is harmony and symmetry just about everywhere. The geography, history, traditions, festivals are all so unique. The festive season of Kadayawan makes the city more exciting and more attractive to visit. The Dabawenyos are seen very cheerful during the festive season and wear colourful cultural costumes that are excitingly ravishing. The street dancing is amazing and the festive season changes Davao into an art. This festival is the very symbol of racial harmony in Davao Philippines.

Tagalog and Visayan or the Cebuano is the widely spoken dialect in Davao. There is also International Radio by name “BOMBO RADYO DAVAO”. Being broadcasted through the global web in the net. People living anywhere in Mindanao or in any other part of the world can listen to this radio delivered in the local dialect!

Specialties in Davao Philippines


The white sand beaches are inviting and the many resorts along the beach compete with one another in providing you with many of the modern day amenities. You can relax among the serene and calm beaches of any of the secluded islands or spoil yourself for a luxurious stay at any of the fantastic resorts. Staying overnight at the stilt houses is an awesome experience. You will feel very close to the nature when you hear the whooshing and whispering sounds of the ocean waves.

One of the most unique features of Davao is its undisturbed nature. The serene surroundings and the fantastic symmetry. The beaches and the colourful resorts here are full of enthusiasm. It is interesting to know that Davao Philippines is free from typhoons and is protected by the many mountains. The climate is usually pleasant with more or less of a uniform temperature, humidity and rainfall throughout the year. The people here are so friendly and welcoming that you will never forget their hospitality. They will make you come back here again and again.



Map of Davao Philippines

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