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Whats included

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_38  Getting There

Find out the popular routes to get to your destination, what transfers are typically required. Find out what flight times get you there while public transport is still available and see prices for taxi transfers and local buses.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_51  Weather

Planning on relaxing by the beach for a week and taking in some sun? We include details on the weather throughout the year so you can pick the best time to go. We also have a current 5 day weather forecast if your planning a trip at short notice.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_09  Money

Get the most of your money. Know what currencies to take. We also provide a list of what popular items cost to help you budget. Did you know that in Bintan the official currency in Indonesia Rupiah but you;ll get a better deal using Singapore Dollar?

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_43  Local Areas

So you’ve decided on your destination and you’re looking to book a hotel but don’t know much about the local areas. Find out where the best areas are to stay in proximity to the places you’ll visit or find places to go to when your there. Our guide and maps on local areas will give you everything you need to know.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_61  Getting Around

Getting to your destination is the easy part, its getting around that can end up being a much bigger expense than expected. Our information on getting around will provide you details of local public transport, what to expect to pay for taxis’s and how to get the most of your money.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_06  Visa Requirements

Visa requirements for each country can vary considerable depending on what passport you hold. We provide details of both what the visa requirements are and how to go about obtaining the correct visa and documentation to take with you. We also provide some details for those living overseas where the process may differ slightly.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_55  Main Attractions

Want to see everything that your destination has to offer. From modern marvels to pre-historic monument our guides will give you the lowdown on what to see a visit during your stay, how to get there and what to look out for.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_18  Local Cuisine

Theres nothing worse than when you think you have a good deal , then find out you need to add service charge and taxes. Thats why all our prices are inclusive of of charges, and clearly state what they are.

hotel_vacation-icon_without-relection_24  Places to Shop

One thing we all love to do when overseas is shop. Our guides will provide you details on the main areas to shop plus tell you about local specialists worth buying. We’ll also tell you about making sure you get a good deal, haggling the price down and spotting things like fakes.