Good Friday – Easter Friday

What is Good Friday?

In Asia Good Friday (Easter Friday or Holy Friday) is an official public holiday in Indonesia, Philippines, hong kong, Singapore and in 2012 will be observed on 6th April 2012.

Good Friday is a mainly a Christian day commemorating the crucifiction of Jesus and is on the Friday preceding Easter Sunday. Based on the canonical gospels Jesus’s crucifixion most likely occurred on a Friday

After Judas let the temple guards to Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver, Jesus was taken to the high preist, Ciaphas and presented in fromt of the Sanhedrin (a council of 23 judges), where witnesses were brought forward to testify against Jesus. Jesus was then sentenced to death for blashpimy, opposing taxes to ceaser and illuding himself as a king. Futher trials and interrogations could not prove any guilt upon Jesus and he was flogged and almost released, although an additional charge as brought forward as he proclaimed to be the son of god.

After 3 hours on the cross from mid day to 3pm the whole land turns dark and after 6 hours on the throne Jesus gives a loud cry and surcms to the crucifixion and at the same tiem an earthquake happens breaking tombs. On the following Sunday known as Easter Sunday, Jesus rises from the dead.

Good Friday Traditions

In Catholicism, Easter Friday is a day of fasting. Although frowned upon by Church authorities In many parts of the Philippines, devoted Catholics reenact the torture that Jesus went through by nailing them to crosses and having their backs whipped, apparently in thanks to Jesus for the pain that he went through. In recent years these events have become quite the tourist gathering, with tourists from all over the world visiting to view this unique tradition.

In many of the countries certain services will be closed, however it is common for the larger tourist areas to remain fully operation in order to reap the rewards of everyone being of work for the day.

Good Friday Video


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