Nightlife In Pattaya

Introduction to Nightlife in Pattaya

Pattaya city in Thailand is well known for its exuberant nightlife. There are many locations in the city where a curious traveller can find more pleasure and happiness with its ecstatic after-dark nightlife in Pattaya! The city has many a things to offer; girls, music bars, beer bars, bar games, shows, Muay Thai matches etc. South Pattaya turns out itself into a huge party zone during the night. The area remains closed for the traffic during this time and becomes the famous Walking Street. Suddenly the busy street bustling with heavy traffic attains a different look. There will be more and more discos, beer bars, massage parlours that compete with each other to attract your attention. You can have a cool stroll around this area after 7-00 PM and expose yourself to the ecstatic night life.

The Pattaya go-go bars

nightlife in Pattaya photoThe Nightlife in Pattaya go-go bars are known for their enclosed bars. Many scantily clad girls parade here, shuffle and swing around steel poles looking at you seductively. This is the preferred destination for many of the travellers who come to the nightlife in Pattaya! The place to attend for the live concerts by top-quality performers is a place called ‘The Blue Factory’; after 8:00 PM you can really enjoy your presence here. The music here is mostly rowdy US hip hop and also popular Thai pop anthems are played at ear-shattering volumes.

nightlife in pattaya cabaret photo

The Lady boys Cabaret Shows

The Lady boys Cabaret Shows are also popular among some bars at North Pattaya. The lady boys clad with some stunning and blindingly shiny costumes perform with full swing on the dazzling stage that turns the party into almost a wild rage! The bright colours, sharp lights, breathless and high pitched music ranging from a Bollywood number to the Thai or Korean fan dance will certainly enliven the whole arena.

The Pattaya Beer Bars

nightlife in pattaya walking streetThe Pattaya Beer Bars are legendary because they are seemingly broken down and cheap. Yet, they are loud and often too busy to get in! Some start their services soon after the mid-day! They are not only famous for good drinks, but for picking up girls as well! They offer you some adrenaline-pumping amusements too.

Nightlife in Pattaya – Some authentic hangouts

The night life in the adjacent Nakula and Thappraya Road is mostly family-oriented and wholesome. Ideal if for one night you are looking to escape the nightlife in Pattaya. If you are not too much keen on participating in the noisy Walking Street night parties, you can relax in the many bars and restaurants in Jomtein. You can head to a cultural show like Alankarn, here the location is not too much crowded and the atmosphere is more authentic. You can find some Thai-oriented disco themes and a handful of beer bars over here.

nightlife in pattaya muay thai photo

The Muay Thai Matches

The Muay Thai Matches at South Pattaya start at about 7:00 PM and continue until 11:00 PM. They are played for the amusement of the travelling spectators and also for those who are daring enough to enter the ring. Though most of the fighters here are amateurs, they have ample training and awesome muscle power. So, before you could risk yourself fighting with them, make sure that you are fit enough to crack them! Or else simply enjoy the fight as a cheerful spectator then go on to enjoy the rest of the nightlife in Pattaya.

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