Prices That Include Taxes

The price you see is the price you pay

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Many other hotel booking websites purposely exclude taxes and service charges form their prices and put in very small font “subject to taxes” to trick customers into thinking they have found the best deal on their website.


Clear transparent pricing

At Sgtravel we believe in clear transparent prices, if your buying something you want to know exactly what its going to cost you and you dont want to have to calculate the taxes from another country onto your room bill or get shocked at check out and realised your hotel bill is up to 20% higher than you thought.  Below is an example of how our prices are shown.


We’ll also guarantee our low prices

We are confident that our hotel prices are guaranteed to be the lowest rate you can find. If you find a lower rate for your hotel on another site, we’ll refund the difference to you. Book with us and enjoy total peace of mind!If you find a lower rate at any time up until hotel’s cancellation window, we’ll match the price.

To find out more visit our page on our Low Price guarantee

Low Price Guarantee