Puerto Princesa – An Experience Not to Forget

Introduction to Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is situated in the Palawan province of the Philippines. Bounded by the South China Sea on the west and the Sulu Sea on the east, this city is unique for it is housed within the forest! With an area of about 223,982 hectares, this is the largest city in the nation.

The name Puerto Princesa is said to have been derived because of the special features of this port. The Spanish colonizers found that this place being blessed with deep waters was safe for accommodating any size of shipping. Thus this place was a Princess of the ports; hence the name Puerto Princesa.

The people and the culture of Puerto Princesa:

The people here are from various other Philippine provinces and from the foreign countries as well. The original inhabitants are called by the name Cuyunons. The other indigenous groups are the Bataks and the Tagbanuas. Each of these tribes has a slightly different culture and traditions. The principal languages of the region are Tagalog, Cuyuno and Visayan; English is also spoken widely in this region. The climate is generally pleasant with a uniform humidity averaging 84% and a usual high temperature.

Puerto Princesa Special features :

undergroundriverYou will be surprised to note that this region has the longest traversable and the most striking subterranean river on earth. The underground river runs about 8.2 km in length and winds all the way through a magnificent cave before getting emptied itself into the waters of South China Sea. The visitors can see monkeys, squirrels and large monitor lizards near the lagoon formed at the mouth of the cave. Bird watching, exploring the deeper forests and mountain trekking are also the favourite activities of the visitors here. This Subterranean River National Park at Puerto Princesa has been declared the premier eco-tourist destination and has been listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Place for its unique and outstanding ecological significance as well as the universal value. This place presents you a natural site with an intense beauty.


The Honda Bay located at the mid-eastern coast of this city offers you more than a dozen of white and pristine sand beaches. This area is studded with huge patches of sand and coral. The submerged coral reefs can be seen just at a distance of about 25 m from the surface! This bay has many islands that offer you different experiences with snorkelling, fishing, swimming, scuba diving or even simply basking in the sun. The Snake Island and the Bat Island are the two most sought after islands by the travellers.

Serene and calm white sandy beaches are found in almost each of the islands and the islets of this province. The popular beaches include the Nagtabon Beach which has smaller resorts that offer delicious food and staying services to the visitors. The Napsan Beach has a tranquil and rustic beach; this place is special for the beach is also marked by some rocky terrain too.

The White Beach and the Red Cliff are the popular scuba diving spots among the Puerto Princesa Bay. Colourful reef fish, ray and turtles are the major attraction here. Dolphin watching has been added as the newest and the most attractive entertainment activity for the visitors at the Puerto Princesa Bay. With so many attractive and adventurous places to visit, your trip to Puerto Princesa would indeed be a memorable one.

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