Rayong Province – Thailand

Introduction to Rayong Province

Thailand’s eastern gulf coast has a beautiful seaside province, the Rayong province. The province is a true example of natural beauty with the whole province surrounded by mountains with interspersed flat plains. You can also enjoy the vast fruit plantations and savour the taste of fruits like rambutan, mangosteen and durian and at the same time you can also enjoy wildness of the forest. However, the most famous about the province is its pristine beaches which stretch up to 100 Km along the coastline of the province and its stunning waterfalls which is set among the most exotic surroundings. The Rayong Province is also known for its delicious sea food products like paste of shrimp, fish sauce and other dried sea food items.

History of Rayong Province

Rayong has a very interesting historical past. In the period of late Ayutthaya the capital was razed by Burmese invaders when General Tak along with a troop of patriots fought with the besieging troop and entered Rayong Province. Here he built his navy and then proceeded to Chanthaburi. Impressed by his bravery and courage the troop and the local population pronounced him as the “King” which happened in Rayong. Once he was done with accumulating enough troop strength he marched again to Ayutthaya and uprooted the Burmese and set up a new capital at Thonburi which is situated across the river from today’s modern- day Bangkok.

Sea Life in the Rayong Province

rayong3Rayong province is mostly known for its vital marine-life resources and is also a major industrial and agricultural province of the country. However, the region has still maintained its culture and traditions in the form of lifestyle followed by the locals. It is the most favoured destination for all those looking to have a beach getaway with the famous Samet National Park and other unspoiled beaches to boast of. It is also renowned for its variety of sea food and all the related products.

Connectivity to Rayong Province

Being one of the most travelled destinations of the country the Rayong province is well connected to most of the places via Bangkok Airways. The province can also be reached easily by public buses or private cars. To go around the coastal island of the Rayong province you can rent a car which can be very costly. However, there are other options also available like that of songtaews, tuk tuk, public buses and motorbike taxis.


Facilities for Visitors

At Rayong province other than enjoying the beautiful beaches and savouring the delicious sea food you can also indulge yourself in some activities like horse riding, wake boarding and other water sports. You can enjoy a variety of international cuisines offered by various restaurants in Rayong. You can also enjoy the delicious Thai and plenty of sea foods. The accommodation at the province is very much affordable and ranges from luxury hotels, guesthouses and even home stays. There are many resorts at the beaches which not only provide accommodation but also a wide variety of facilities like water sports, windsurfing, spas and wellness centres to keep you entertained all the time.


Map of Rayong Province


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