Thailand’s Top 5 Beaches

Thailand is known for its incredible beaches which are a visitor’s paradise. Thailand is surrounded by the Andaman Sea on its coast of Indian Ocean and by South China Sea on its Pacific. On the beaches you can play in the sand, go for snorkeling, dive in the beautiful sea and bathe in the sun. Though there are many spots of attraction in Thailand, its beaches are still a huge attraction for the all the foreign tourists. There are a number of beaches in Thailand and you may have difficulty in deciding which one to visit. These beaches have white sand which is washed by the clean sea water. Each beach is unique in its own way and has many characteristic features which will surely match your liking. A brief description of some of them is given below:

patongbeachPatong Beach, Phuket

It is one of the most popular beaches on the Island of Phuket. The beach has got a wide coastline, white and soft sand and warm water to play with. With plenty of hotels, restaurants and shopping places it is impossible that you will get bored. It has got a vibrant nightlife for the partying crowd. You can also go for jet skiing during the day. This beach is for people who like to party hard and not for those looking for peaceful and quiet vacation.



Railey Beach, Krabi

This beach is only accessible using a boat and has a feeling similar to that of a desert island which cannot be found in any other popular beach destinations. This island is best for those people looking for a peaceful and quiet vacation. The island has clear blue waters which are surrounded by some majestic cliffs. The island does not have much of activity other than climbing, snorkelling and swimming and so go there just to enjoy the amazing scenery.



Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley

This beach is a part of a small island which is near to Ko Phi Phi. The beach is also surrounded by tall cliffs of limestone and actually the beach is situated in a small bay. The scenery that you find here on this quintessential island is amazing. You can only visit this beach during the day time as there is no facility of accommodation.



HuaHin Beach, HuaHin

This beach is the best for family and children though not so good for swimming because this beach gently slopes into the gulf. It is very famous among the foreign visitors and also locals. It is very easily accessible from Bangkok and has a plenty of things that can be done.


beach at kata

Kata Beach, Phuket

It is one beach where you can be relaxed as it is very far from the hustle and bustle of the Patong beach. It has everything that makes Phuket so much popular. You can enjoy the warm waters of the sea, shady palm trees and beautiful sceneries.


Other than these the other beaches include Lamai beach, Sairee beach, White Sand beach, Haadrin beach and Koh Mun Nork.

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