1-On each page reduce the padding between the navigation bar and the first part of the content – DONE- you may have to clear your internet history to see changes.  ( changed .article margin-top:20px; in csc-styles.css to change spacing between nav and content and changed .section padding-top:30px in csc-styles.css and in docs.css to change spacing between nav and sidebar)

2-for hotel page, i can’t get cell padding to work and some fo the content is touching the adjacent content – cant see any content touching on hotels page did you mean destination guides?

3-On travel insurance try to put the picture and the search form so they touch together and are centre aligned on the page – DONE

4-On travel insurance at the top of the pink search box change the text from “travel insurance” to “get your quote in seconds” – DONE

5-homepage- on the main slider some of the slides under the heading have text like phuket phuketphuket phuket, delte the text -DONE

6-homepage- under the travel guide carousel the vientiene travel guide is still redirecting to travelnow – DONE

7-Sticky header.

8-Need a shortcode made to be able to put something similar to the “you might also like” thing we had on sgtravel.co that lures people to the agoda website. DONE use shortcode (youmightlike) with square brackets, example on sgtravel.net/lightboxtest

9-I need to know how i can add a pop up/lightbox type or whatever the easiest way is to insert a photo gallery into a post. - ADDED PLUGIN – SEE  http://sgtravel.net/lightboxtest/

10-need a shortcode to put in one of those headings with the dots that span the width of the page as at the moment if you type in the html manually and switch between “text” and visual” it fucks up - DONE – use (widget_title) HeadingText (/widget_title) but with the square brackets [ ]

also see http://sgtravel.net/weatherforecast

NEW- For some reason the blog feed (if you click one of the categories in the footer) shows the full article, it wasnt before but now it is. I;ve gone into the theme settings and set the number of characters to show as a summary but doesnt seem to work