Is Travel Insurance Really Worth it?

Some travel insurance policies can be complicated and it seems like some insurance companies will do anything to get out of paying a claim. So is your travel insurance really worth the premium and how can you tell you are getting a good deal.

Once you find a reputable insurer it is good to check the different levels they offer and read into what is included in their premium and understand a little about the process you might have to take in the event you need to make a claim.

Generally speaking travel insurance is a great investment. With a typical insurance costing less than $100 for a two week trip anywhere in the world. Yes there are excesses and sometimes you’ll find that if you have a small injury or need to see a doctor overseas for a prescription the cost will not usually go over your policy excess. This is actually a good thing, can you imagine the cost of travel insurance if insurers had to process claims and payout for such minor things.

Travel insurance is something you should hope you never really have to use, but when it becomes a huge value is when the worst happens. If you or you loved one are in a serious accident or even worse a fatal situation your travel insurance will usually provide cover up to the value of USD$5,000,000 or in the case of worldnomads explorer package an unlimited amount for hospitalization and surgery costs. How any other website out there can ever say that a travel insurance policy cannot be worth it must be mad. Could you imagine you or a member of your family being in a serious accident whilst on holiday and not having the money to cover your medical bills or in the case of a fatality repatriating your body back to your home country which can be a difficult and expensive process.

Where most peoples major grievances with their travel insurance have been are around personal belongings. Although your travel insurance will cover you for the cost of stolen or lost luggage there are both limits on the daily costs and value of singular items. You will also need to show evidence of a police report and the insurance company will want to see some evidence that suggests your belongings were stolen such as marks of forced entry to your hotel room or witness statements. This is not to be difficult, this is purely to prevent fraudulent claims and in turn help keep your insurance premium to a minimum.

It is therefore advisable that once you purchase your travel insurance you read through some the terms and conditions of your policy so that in the case something does happen you know exactly who to call and what things you can do to ensure you can claim from your insurance company.

We also recommend purchasing you travel insurance as far in advance as possible as many insurers including some polices with world nomads will provide up to $10,000 coverage if you are unable to take your trip due to being hospitalized.

In summary, travel insurance is probably one of the best investments you can make before you travel and if the worst happens you definitely would n’t regret having it.

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